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My favourite tiffin!! Yummy! I love puri and I can eat it all day. I remember the Saturday Tiffin at my aunt Malathi's place. She makes awesome tiny little puris. I can easily eat atleast 10 of them at a time :)

In South India, pooris are generally served with Kadalamaavu (Besan) chutney or Potato masala. Here is the recipe from my mom.


2 cups wheat flour
3 tbsp oil
1 tbsp maida flour
salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients dry. Then add water sufficient to make a firm dough.

Flatten out using a rolling pin to a 3' dia circle. Be careful not to apply too much pressure while rolling. Thickness should be even. It should not be too thin at the same time. Deep fry in hot oil. Slightly press down the puri while frying. When slightly brown, turn over and continue to fry till evenly golden. Serve with potato gravy or Besan chutney.

Click here for the recipe of Besan chutney


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