Jeera rice/Cumin Seasoned Rice/Zeera Pulav

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Jeera Rice

Recipe and Photo Courtesy: Priya (my friend)

A Fantastic recipe from Priya. I love her Jeera Pulav!


Basmati rice – 2cups (soaked in water for 15 min)
Water- 3 cups
(The rice to water quantity may vary depending on the type of rice)
Cumin seeds/ Jeera – 3 tsp
Big Cardamom /Elaichi-1
Cloves- 4
Cinnamon -1 inch stick (broken in half)
Butter -2 tbsp
Bay Leaves – 1big/ 2 small
Salt (to taste)

-In a hot pan, add butter and the spices. Sauté till the aroma is unlocked.
-Put this in an electric rice cooker along with the rice and water.
(Alternatively, rice can be cooked separately and added. Keep checking the rice grains from time to time to make sure they are cooked but still a little grainy.).
-Jeera rice goes really well with rajma, dal or any north Indian sabzi.

(For Jeera pulav/ Zeera pulav, sauté one large onion-cut in thin slices along with the other spices and follow the same procedure)


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