South Indian Dhaniya podi / Karamathu podi / Curry powder (South Indian style)

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Karamathu Podi

All the podi recipes are from my granny olly. September 1 of every year, she makes all the podis for most of the family members. For the podis to stay fresh for long, use rock salt and gingely oil only. Also store the podis in airtight containers and refrigerate the excess portions. Keep them outside only as and when required.


1 cup daniya seeds (coriander seeds)
1/3 cup channa dal
1/5 cup urad dal
1 tsp toor dal
1 tsp oil
4 dried red chillies
hing 4 dashes
1/4 tsp turmeric

Roast all the above ingredients with oil. Add dhaniya at the end. When the colour gets golden, take it out and allow to cool. Dry to a coarse powder. Use for garnishing ladies finger (okra) curry, brinjal (eggplant) curry. It can also be used for garnishing sundals (legumes). It can be used for making stuffed brinjal kozhambu (yennai kathrikai kozhambu).
In most homes, it is referred as karamathu podi.


Rathi said...

Olli Karumethu podi ...guys dont even try to make it varadhu ...her taste is hers...believe me I came here in May she has sent me 2 Kgs of it till now,,,,,,,,Any Kaaai I put it .....its super....I make Zucchini podi thuvi,,,,,and my brinjal rice and brinjal are popular in Umea cos of this.....ppl who come to my home say...pls include brinjal to your menu...If I say its not available in supermarket...They get it by hook or crook and I make it.....So if you guys waqnt...go to India...go to 46...

kittymatti said...

Hahaha.. Rathu!! Guys, it is really hard to copy cooking, I agree. Lets all try our best to achieve the standards! The recipe is free. Give it a shot :)

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Bravo, your idea is useful

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