Carrot Halwa

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This is my aunt Radhika's fantastic carrot halwa recipe. She makes it really well and I still remember the taste :)


Finely Grate carrots -6 normal size
Measure the quantity of carrots & take sugar equal to half of this measure
1 cup milk
1/2 cup Sugarless Khoa/ Khova or 1/2 cup condensed milk
Saffron 3 strings
1/4 tsp elachi powder
raisins 2 tsp
Cashews 2 tbsp
2 tsp Ghee

Mix carrots and sugar together. Immerse in milk and boil. Once the carrot mixture cooks well, add khoa/ condensed milk and stir well. When it is about to form Halwa, add elachi powder and saffron. Mix well. Garnish with cashews and raisins (fried in ghee).


Rathi said...

Ask the chef to host a picture...i guess she has a new digicam..

kittymatti said...

oh sure baby! also need her chakkaponga recipe :) heard it is super...from Aarhi

Rathi said...

I guess I will suggest modification to my moms recipe.
I make Veda pattis recipe-- Dipaks Patti.

aarthi said...

yummy... want to try it sometime... me too, i remember eating the carrot halwa radhika mami made.. want both recipes for sakkarai pongal.
radiks, do send the pics!!

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