Javvarsi Vathal / Sago vadams

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My granny olly's signature recipe.. Yumm! love it!!

Javvarsi vathal (Sago rice crispies)

1 cup sago / Javvarsi
2 cups thick buttermilk + 6 cups water
Salt to taste
3 green chillies- ground to a fine paste
8 dashes hing
3 tbsp sour thick curds/ yogurt
1 lime
1 tsp ghee

Soak javvarsi in water for 1/2 hr. Boil together water+buttermilk in a kadai. Add chilli paste, hing, salt. Continue to boil. After 2-3 minutes, stir in soaked javvarsi and mix continuously. Add some curds and ghee. When thick, put off the heat and squeeze out the juice of 1 lime. While it is still hot, you can eat it as koozhu. Cool the remaining and take out small ladleful portions of the koozhu and flatten on plastic sheets/ muslin cloth and sun dry on a hot summer afternoon. After a few hours, you can eat it as ara kaanjal (half dried) -the tastiest part of vathal. The next day, turn around the remaining and allow the other side to dry. When completely dry, store in airtight containers and deep fry when ever u want!

Of course, if you are going to gobble up these at different stages like me, you'll hardly have any vathal left for frying..haha.. The ratio of ingredients is however the same,,,Soak more javvarsi and follow the same procedure..


Rathi said...

Request for Shanth Javvarisi....thaqt jollolouuuuuuuuuu......She is bestest in Javarisi...I dont have av great summeer....no koozhhhhhhhhhhhh

kittymatti said...

Yes rathi, I have taken down the recipe from siyamee, I shall include it, thanks dear

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