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The tastiest mango pickle on Earth! Yumm! Here is my Kamala paati's avaka recipe.


Raw firm mango 2 big
salt 3/4 cup
mustard seeds powdered 3/4 cup
1 cup chilli powder
1 tsp turmeric
2 tsp methi powder
hing 6 dashes
Sesame oil/ Til oil / gingely oil - 3 cups

Take firm 'avakai' mangas. Cut along the seedline into small chunks. Sundry them for 3 days till completely dry. Mix the mangoes with the rest of the above ingredients in a deep container. Heat sesame/til oil in a pan till it really hot. Put off the stove and allow it to cool till just warm. Cover the mango mixture with the oil. Make sure that all the mangoes are completely covered in oil. Mix evenly.
Store the pickle in glass/ ceramic containers only. Stir the fresh pickle now and then for a week so that no fungus is formed on the surface. After the oil is absorbed and the pickling starts in about 4 days, it is ready to use.


aarthi said...

just finished the avakkai which paati gave.. best avakkai in the world!!

kittymatti said...

seriously, mine over too :(

bhatta said...

Can you please get me the recipe for Khali Dosa which is typical of Mangalore/Dharwar side. Thanks in advance. Bharat.

bhatta said...

I am waiting for my earlier recipe request.

kittymatti said...

Bharat, I am so sorry for seeing the comment so late and unfortunately I have never tried Khali dosa (dharwar style). Will let you know if i come across one, sorry again

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