Kuchi vathal / Urundai vathal / Ompudi vathal / Arsi koozhu vathal / Vadam

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My granny olly's mouth watering vathal koozhu recipe!


2 cups raw rice
salt to taste
hing 6 dashes
6 cups sour thick buttermilk +4 cups water
2 tsp javvarsi/ sago
8 -10 green chillies ground to a fine paste (vary according to heat levels)

Soak raw rice for 3 hours. Drain excess water and grind together to a fine paste. Soak Javvarsi for 15 min. Drain and keep aside. Add some salt in the rice batter and allow it to ferment for 2 days or 3 days in cold environment.

Transfer the fermented batter to a kadai, add buttermilk, water, green chilli paste, hing, salt, sago. Heat and stir continuously till thick and koozhu is formed. If you wish eat a little as hot koozhu. Allow the remaining to cool. Take a big tennis ball sized dough and press through vathal press of your choice or just pinch out marble sized koozhu balls. Place them on platice sheets/ muslin cloth. Sundry on a hot summer day. After a few hours, you can strip off some and eat as ara kanjal (half dried). Dry the rest completely on both sides for atleast 3 days.

Store in airtight containers and it is ready to be deep fried! yumm!!!


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Pls dont ever post pictures......thats it I will die for Koozhhhhh...remember days in summer hols ...koozh times

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