Yenna Manga Urgai (Hot Mango pickle)

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Yennai Manga Urgai

Photo Courtesy: Priya(my friend)

Another super duper pickle recipe from my Paati Kamala. This is quite an elaborate process. However it lasts long and is really tasty.

2 big raw firm mangoes (any variety)
3/4 cup table salt
1 cup chilli powder
4 cups til / sesame / gingely oil
2 tbsp methi powder
1 tsp mustard seeds

Cut mangoes into small pieces. Soak it in enough salt for 4 days
Water is let out by these mangoes. Drain out the mango water and preserve in a jar. Refrigerate this water.
Dry the mango pieces in Sun for 4 days. It should be so dry that you should be able to break it with your fingers.
Boil these pieces in mango water. For every 1 part mangoes, use 2 parts mango water. The mangoes will absorb all the water. If you have excess mangoes, use it for some other purpose.
To these cooked mangoes, add chilli powder, methi powder
Heat oil in a pan and pour on it. Mix well
Garnish with fried mustard seeds.
Mix it regularly for a week to prevent fungus formation
Store in airtight container, for longer shelf life refrigerate.


Sam said...

What a great combination of colors and flavors. Yennai Manga Urgai's looks so beautiful with the colours, sound delicious. I love Hot Mango pickle Can't wait to see your posting, my mouth is watering. Will try it soon. Thanks so much for sharing.

manisha said...

can i get a recipe for mangainji pickle nd that too in paste type pickle form

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