Gobhi Manchurian (Dry)

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Gobi Manchuria

I love gobhi manchurian and fried rice.. I love this appetiser. I think the best gobhi I have ever eaten is the gobhi manchurian served in IISc, Bangalore canteen :)

Here is my gobhi machurian recipe.

For the batter:
1 small gobhi (cauliflower)
1 cup corn flour
1 cup all purpose flour (maida)
salt to taste
1 tsp chilli powder
2 tbsp masala chilli sauce (or tom-chi sauce)
a pinch of red colour powder
water to make a thick batter

The quantity of batter required may vary with the size of gobhi.

For making the manchuria:
1 small whole gobhi
oil for deep frying
Tomato ketchup (any brand, regular type) 6 tbsp
soy sauce 1 tsp (thick variety like Ching's soy sauce) or 3 tsp (thinner variety)
red chilli sauce 3 tsp (I use Ching's)
vinegar 1 tsp
spring onions (green onions) with shoots -3
red bell peppers 1
Aginomotto 1 tsp (optional)
salt to taste
garlic (optional) 2 cloves chopped
ginger 2 inches chopped
coriander leaves (optional) for garnish
6 tbsp oil

Now, make this recipe in 3 batches. Divide all the ingredients for manchuria (except the batter ingredients) into three parts.

-First make a batter with all the batter ingredients. The batter should be thick (You should be able to dip each floweret such that it gets a thick coating of batter).
-Pick out small floweret of gobhi and soak in hot water. Drain the excess water, microwave with water and a dash of salt till the cauliflower florets are soft.
-Drain and dip each floret in the batter and deep fry on high flame till crispy and golden. Make this in 3 batches. This could take several minutes. Drain out in a colander.

To make the manchuria:

- Make each batch separately. Add oil, add the bulb of the green onions, ginger, garlic, saute, add bell peppers. Toss them again.
-Add in the gobhis. Give it a quick stir. Add ajinomotto and more salt if required.
-Add all the sauces. Add a dash of vinegar. Stir fry on high heat, tossing it about for a minute.
- Dress with green onion shoots and coriander leaves.
-Serve each batch hot with Indo- Chinese Fried rice or Noodles


Shama Nagarajan said...

i like ur blog and recipes..........nice manchurian......

kittymatti said...

thanks shama :)

rads said...

mmm yummy. I love gobi manchurian and so does my hubby. Would love to try this. Thanks for sharing. You have a great blog here. Added it to my network on IndiBlogger. Hope you don't mind.

kittymatti said...

So sweet of u!! Thnx :)

Karthikeyan said...

Gobhi Manchurian this is favorite thanks for sharing

Karthikeyan said...

Gobhi Manchurian dry is my favorite thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

thanks for such a good recipe

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