Veg Noodles/ Schezwan Noodles (Indo Chinese)

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Indo- Chinese Veggie Noodles

My brother-in-law, Rajesh makes the best Indo- Chinese Noodles. It tastes great with Veg ball manchuria!

1 pkt noodles (Hakka noodles or any soft noodles)
2 cups assorted veggies ( cabbage, spring onions/green onions, capsicum/bell peppers of different colours, onions, carrots- cut long and thin)
2 inch ginger piece (shredded),
1 garlic clove minced (optional)
2 tsp red chilli sauce (Chings brand) or any Chinese red sauce
1/2 tsp green chilli sauce(Chings brand)
1 sp tom-chi or masala chilli sauce (optional)
1 tsp chilli oil
4-5 tsp watery soy sauce or 2 sp thick soy sauce-the Indian variety
2 tsp black pepper powder
oil 6 tbsp

Make this recipe in 2 portions. Divide all the ingredients into two parts. It is easier to handle and also stir fry noodles should be made fresh.

First cook noodles in boiling water with a dash of salt. Filter the excess water and wash under running water to remove excess starch. Place it in a oil smeared plate. Let it sit there till you get the veggies sizzling.

Add some chilli oil and a little bit of regular oil in wok/ non-stick pan. Toss in ginger , garlic and onions (both regular and the bulb of the spring onions). Saute for a while and then add all the shredded veggies. Stir fry in high heat. Add salt. When crisp, stir in the cooked noodles and quickly fry the noodles. Add all the sauces mentioned above. Fry for another minute. Garnish with pepper powder, green onion shoots. Serve hot!

For Schezwan Noodles:

Schezwan Noodles

Photo Courtesy: Priya (my friend)

In the same recipe, add lots of red chilli sauce and fried red chillies. Also add 1/2 tsp vinegar for each serving.


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