Bajji/ Bonda

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Recipe courtesy: Janaki (my granny)

Commonly known as pakora in the North, bajji is a universal apetizer in every desi restaurant. Tasty and quick, bajji/bonda is the fav of all! My sister loves bajji and it is her greatest weakness :)
My maternal relatives lived in a joint family (about 18 - 20 members under a single roof) for several years. I still remember the cooks making thousands of bajjis and these the hot bajjis were served with coconut chutney and curd rice :)
Why curd rice??? well, they say-it is for digestion! (because of oil and besan). I really don't know if it aids digestion, but I think eating a spoon of curd rice after every bite of bajji is heavenly!! However, whenever amma makes bajji, the side dishes include coconut chutney, tomato chilli sauce (ketchup) and curd rice.. Oh, it is a complete meal by itself!

I got this recipe from my granny olly.


1/2 cup rice flour
1/2 cup besan flour
1 tsp maida flour (all purpose flour) -optional
1 pinch cooking soda (optional)
2 tsp chilli powder (vary according to taste)
salt to taste
4 dashes of hing
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1 ladleful heated oil (about -6 tbsp)
Oil for fying
Sliced veegies of your choice (may include, onion, potato, raw banana, brinjal/eggplant, whole cauliflower flowerets, chayotes (chow- chow), carrots

Mix together rice flour, besan, salt, chilli powder, turmeric, cooking soda, maida flour and hing. Add the hot oil on top of the dry mixture and mix it with your hands (let the hot oil sink into the flour and cool a bit before you put yr hands)

It will now be a semi- dry mixture. Add enough water to bring it to a bajji batter consistency ( more watery than dosa batter).

For bajiis, dip the thinly sliced veggies in the batter and deep fry in hot oil. until golden brown. Check again for salt after frying. Add more if required for the next batch.
Serve with coconut chutney and tom-chi sauce. If you wish, keep a bowl of curd rice
(well salted) by the side and ensoy maadi !!

This recipe goes to Shanti's Lovely Winter Recipes event


shanthi said...

Even before you send me this recipe , I have seen it. Nice,traditional way as our amma and paati makes it.

Anonymous said...

wow!..pakora is avilable here only in Ramadan idea abt the ingredients...tnx a lot dear!

Prathibha said...

yummy pakoras..perfect for the season dear..

Anonymous said...

looks perfect for a tea..

A 2 Z Vegetarian Cuisine said...

Bajji looks delicious. Excellent choice for the event. The curd rice counters the acidity out of the fried food. Also if you are used to eating thayir sadam, no meal will be complete without the curd in the end.

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

Looks yum dear!

DEESHA said...

lovely bondas .. nice to have them during tea time

Vibaas said...

ooh yummy! :)

Shama Nagarajan said...

looks yummy and crispy...send me them

Hari Chandana said...

Looks sooo delicious.... perfect for the season.. too good!!

Kalaivani said...

One of my fav,looks so delicious.

Priya said...

Thank u all so much!

Ramya said...

I love bajji especially onion and vazhakkai..Bajjis look crispy and having curd along with bajji sounds interesting

BestHangout said...

yr bajii post make me to remember our canteen.

Doloncookbook said...

Bajjis looks crispy & very tasty .. Perfect for evening snack..

lissie said...

mixed vegetable bajji looks yumm! perfect evening as well as winter snack...!

Jyoti said...

great evening snack with chai!

Varunavi said...

Mixed veg bajjis looks crispy and tasty :)

faisal said...


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Priti said...

Pls share the some here..looks yum and so tempting

kittymatti said...

wow! thank u guys!!!

Mangala Bhat said...

wow! looks yum~! soo inviting :)

Viki's Kitchen said...

wow send me the plate here. I will finish it with curd rice in a wink:)

Nithya Praveen said...

Nice one fav too:)

Divya Vikram said...

Bajji and curd rice sounds like a unique combo! Looks yummy.perfect with a cup of tea!

LG said...

This is a good monsoon recipe too! Rain is pouring outside and I want that plate of bonda to munch along with hot coffee! Looks tasty :)

Sanghi said...

Hi Preeti, thanks for visiting my blog..! U have a yummy blog here..! I'm following!:)

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