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My sister and bro-in-law's classic recipe.... My bro-in-law and husband love aapam. This is the common chettinadu style breakfast item.


1 cup raw rice
1 cup boiled rice
coconut water- for grinding
coconut milk-for making batter
Salt to taste

Soak boiled rice and raw rice together overnight. Drain the excess water and grind in a mixie adding coconut water (elaneer). Grind well with salt such that it becomes a thick paste and resembles the consistency of a toothpaste. Allow it to ferment for 20 hrs or maybe 2 days in colder environment. Once you smell the sourness of the fermented batter, scoop out small portions for immediate use. Mix this portion with enough coconut milk such that the batter is watery (similar to a rava dosa batter). Refrigerate the remaining unused paste.
Pour a small ladleful of batter at the centre of a aapam kadai (called appa chatti). Slowly move your kadai in a circular fashion such that the batter spreads out in the shape of a boat. You can see bubbles forming on th surface. Close and cook till the aapam separates from the sides and the edges get golden. The centre would however remain soft and fluffy. Slip it into a plate and enjoy with fresh korma/ veg stew and coconut milk on the side.


Sanjana said...

What exactly do u mean by boiled rice??? Do u mean cooked rice??

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