Podimas (urulai and Vazhakka/ Potato and raw banana)

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Podimasss...Oh, the Indian 'mashed potatoes'...So boring... I prefer frying potatoes and raw bananas with lots of oil and chilli powder..Here is the recipe anyway...

To make the Podi:

(Also called as vazhakkai/ urulai podi)

2 sp urad dal
1 sp channa dal
1/2 sp toor dal
oil 1sp, 1/2 piece red chilli
salt, hing

Saute with oil, grind dry and coarse with salt and hing.

To make podimas:

Potato/ Raw banana 2
1 sp mustard. 1 sp urad dal
oil 1 sp
green chilli 1

Boil potato/raw banana. Mash well. Fry mustard and urad dal, green chilli . Add mashed potatoes/ raw banana. Add salt. Mix with podi.


nithu said...

hai ..... could you pls give us the recipe for baby potato fry.. which you have displayed in the photo.. pls..


kittymatti said...

Hi nithya

Choose 1 kg round waxy baby potatoes. Pressure cook them for 2-3 whistles till soft. Peel off the skin. Add aboout 4-5 tbsp of oil (it is ok to be liberal with oil) in a kadai/pan. Add mustard and urad dal. When it gets golden,add 1/2 tsp turmeric, add the cooked potatoes slightly stir it till mustard is evenly coated.
After 2-3 min, add enough salt, and chilli powder to suit yr taste. Keep on med flame and allow it to roast for a few more min.
Reduce the flame, keep in low, and close the kadai and roat till golden brown.Do not stir too much. Be careful not to break the potatoes.
Be patient as it will take some time to get a perfect golden crust on each potato

thanks for the visit dear...

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