Gottu Rasam (Simple Rasam)

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Gottu Rasam

This is the simplest and easily the tastiest rasam. My great grand mother's own recipe :) My husband loves it. We generally make rasam everyday at home along with some sambhar or kootu... Amma used to make this atleast 2-3 times a week (and so do I)...

Follow the same recipe as the regular Parupu Rasam. However, do not add the cooked dal at the end. Add 1 full tbsp of toor dal along with the chopped tomatoes at the beginning itself. Let this boil well. By the time you finish making the rassam, u will realize that the parupu is almost cooked. It gives a unique flavour to the rasam without disturbing he tangy tomato flavour. Remember to garnish it with mustard seeds and coriander leaves...


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