Kadamba Sadham (Mix Veg Sambhar Rice)

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Kadamba Saadham

Photo courtesy: Padmini, Srinivasan (my parents)

I call this the Tamil Nadu Bisi Bele Bath. It does not involve the use of many spices. Kadambam means a mixture. This has rice, lentils and vegetables in a single dish. My mother and sister love Kadamba Sadham, this is their favourite Sunday meal! Mom sent me her recipe and picture (re-posted)

Kadamba Sadham powder:
2 tsp channa dal
2 tsp urad dal
4 tsp dhaniya
4 red chillies
1/8 tsp methi seeds
4 tsp coconut gratings
2-3 peppercorns
6-8 jeera seeds,
1 tsp oil

Fry the above ingredients and make to a fine dry powder.

For the Kadamba sadham:

1/2 cup rice
1/4 cup toor dal
2 tsp channa dal
1 lemon sized ball of tamarind extract
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 sprig curry leaves
1 tomato - finely chopped
1/8 tsp jaggery
1 handful chopped coriander leaves
1/4 tsp turmeric,
hing- 4 dashes
1 or 1 1/2 cup assorted veggies (beans, peas, carrots, red pumpkin, white pumpkin, raw banana)

Cut veggies long. Pre-cook the veggies (in microwave) with water and dash of salt till almost cooked.
Pressure cook rice and dals with water. Mash partly and keep aside.
In a kadai, add oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves, tomato, saute well.
Add tamarind extract. Add hing, turmeric powder, salt. Let it boil well.
Add the cooked veggies. Add the masala and allow it to boil and thicken.
Add the rice dal mixture and mix well. Add more water if necessary.
Add jaggery. Garnish with coriander leaves and fried cashews.
Serve with potato curry.

Note: If the vegetables are fresh and tender, you can add the veggies just after adding the tomatoes.

This recipe goes to Shama Nagarajan's Mom's Favourite Recipe Event


Renu said...

nice recipe....its like khichari with a twist ...I'll try it out

kittymatti said...

thnx renu!

Pavithra said...

Hey its looking so fantastic , nice combination with potato curry.. oh feel like eating now itself.

kittymatti said...

hehe..thnx pavithra

Priya said...

This looks sooooooooo nice!I feel like eating it right now..aunty..ur toooo good!

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Kadamba sadham wow looks yummy... Methi and coconut should give nice flavor to the dish... shall try your version!!!

kittymatti said...

Thnx sso much Ramya!

rads said...

wow...that looks darling yummy...i love sambar and this looks something like kichdi...thanks for the recipe.

vidhas said...

Looks nice, great for lunch, reading the ingredients i can feel the aroma.

Vicky Xavier. said...

Kathamba saatham looks so authentic. My comfort food. Makes me nostalgic:)

Vicky Xavier. said...

Hi, I am hosting an event called 'The potluck - chicken' . Expecting your suggestions , support and yummy dishes . Hearty welcome dear.

kittymatti said...

thnx vicky, vidhas, radhika

Vrinda said...

I think i had tasted this rice from Iskon temple..thanx for sharing dear ...

kittymatti said...

thank u priya !! so sweet! Amma is so happy da!

kittymatti said...

thtz nice, thnx vrinda..

Priyameena said...

What a Authentic and an traditional dish..Your Mom made it more gorgeous..I am totally homesick!!

Anonymous said...

I am so reminded of a smiliar one ( we call it the sambar sadam) that my amma makes. Awsome.

kittymatti said...

thank u priyameena and munchy!!

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

the rice looks soooo inviting.. bookmarked to try!

kittymatti said...

wow! thanks mahimaa!!!

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

iniki try panna poren.

kittymatti said...

hope it comes out well..

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

tried this just now, and it is very very tasty. i fried the veggies, added rice, dhals, tamarind water, water, ground masala and cooked everything together. used only 1 container to prepare this. thanks.

kittymatti said...

lovely mahimaa.!!!the flavour is best when cooked together.. I am bad at cooking rice correctlyy, so always cook in separate steps haha...
Thnx da..

Good Gynecologist in Kodambakkam said...

Bisi bella bath is my all time fav. Yummy. love to eat it with fried appalams/papads.

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