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Parupu Thogayal

At home, we have never made molagu kozhambu without paruppu thogayal. When I was a kid I hated molagu kozhambu and preferred eating paruppu thogayal rice dipping them in a drop of the kozhambu. Even though my taste buds have evolved thru years, I always mix parupu thogayal in my molagu kozhambu rice.

Photo Courtesy: Srinivasan, Padmini (parents)

Photo courtesy:Aarthi (my sister)


5 tbsp toor dal
2 inches tamarind
1 red chilli
salt to taste
hing 2 dashes
gingely oil 1 tsp

Add oil in a kadai, when it gets hot, add the dal and the rest of the ingredients and fry till golden brown. Transfer to a mixie and first grind it dry. Slowly add water and grind to make a smooth paste. Parupu thogayal has a property of absorbing water unlike the other thogayals. Make it to a smooth paste with a little more water than the other thogayals. It will slowly absorb the excess water on resting. Serve with rice, molagu kozhambu, cabbage/brinjal curry!

A variation of the above recipe (Courtesy- Radha, my co-sister)

1/2 cup toor dal
2 red chillies
2 curry leaves
3 tsp coconut
salt, hing 3 dashes
2 inches tamarind.
Saute the above ingredients with a tsp of oil and when golden brown, grind to a smooth paste adding water.


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