Mangalore Bajji/ Golee bajji/ Mysore bonda

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Mangalore Bonda/ Bajji

I love karnataka tiffin items. If you live in Bangalore, you must definitely try the Mangaluru bajji at Janatha Hotel, 8th cross, Malleswaram. The best hotel in Bangalore for vadas, bajjis, dosas!!
We have been making these bajjis at home, however, only of late, I have perfected it - thanks to by Lakshmi.
Most often, mysore bondas are confused with this dish. However, as far as I know, Mysore bonda is just urad vadas rolled out in the shape of bondas :) Of late I find most people using these names interchangeably. Anyways, this is the recipe with maida flour- served in most Karnataka hotels.


1 cup maida flour (all purpose flour)
1 tbsp rice flour
a pinch of cooking soda
salt to taste
green chillies 2- 3 finely chopped
coriander leaves chopped 2 tbsp
jeera seeds 1/8 tsp (optional)
home made sour curds /yogurt for mixing the batter
chopped onions- handful (optional)

Mix all the dry ingredients with enough sour curds/ yogurt till you achieve a urad vada consistency batter (it should be more watery than chappathy dough). Let it rest for 3 hrs. Roll out into balls with wet hands into the shape of bondas and deep fry in med-high flame till golden brown. Serve with coconut chutney/ ketchup.

If you are in the US and you don't have home made curds, add a little water to the store bought plain yogurt and use. However, the yogurt has to be very sour. More the sourness, better the taste.


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