Chilli paneer

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Chilli Paneer

Photo Courtesy: Sri Charanya (my friend)

I take great pride in posting this recipe. This is my husband's signature recipe and he makes it whenever we have guests. He makes the best chilli paneer ever! My friend Charanya made this dish and sent me her lovely chilli paneer picture!


1 big onion (American Sized) or 2 small onions
1 capsicum/bell pepper (alternatively you can use 1/2 green and 1/2 yellow/red capsicum)
1 pkt fried paneer (0r 200 gm paneer diced and fried)
2 green chilies chopped
chilli powder 1/2 tsp
1 tsp curry powder (can substitute with garam masala)
1/4 tsp jeera powder
1/4 dhaniya powder
masala chilli sauce 4 tbsp
1/4 turmeric powder

If you have the paneer slab, soften it by soaking in water, cut into cubes and shallow fry. Drain and keep aside. Chop all the vegetables long. Add oil in a pan, add onions, fry till crisp, add the bell peppers, 1/4 tsp turmeric. Saute in med flame.
Add salt, jeera powder, dhaniya powdder and curry powder. Stir in 1/4 tumbler water and keep the gravy wet. Allow to cook for a while and leave for 4-5 min. Add 4 tsp masala chilli sauce and panner together. Add some more water and cook for 4-5 min. Serve with chapatis.

My husband says that it is the perfect combo with a mug of chilled beer :)


BIL said...

Did you mean chilled diet pepsi?

bil said...

did you mean chilled diet pepsi?

charanya said...

Hey Preethi,
Made this yesterday and ate it with garlic noodles and it tasted great!
Made a little modification to half of it by adding pineapples which gave the dish an overall spicy, sweet and sour flavor. Loved it!!!
A big thank you!

kittymatti said...

Thank u charanya! That was so sweet of u!! Thnx da.. My husband will be so happy!!!

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