Biriyani (made with coconut and cashews)

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This is a unique biriyani recipe I learnt from my mom-in-law.. I call this premama biriyani...It is very tasty and worth the try.
My husband is a huge fan of this biriyani..


Jeera 1/2 tsp for grinding, 1/2 tsp for garnishing
Ginger 1 inch piece
4 green chillies
2 tsp coconut gratings
1 big tomato
cashews 5
2 cloves, 1 inch cinnamon
Onions 2 small or 3/4 of big(American size)
1 handful mint leaves
1 slice of bread, cut into eigt pieces and fried
rice 1-1 1/2 cups
1-2 cup veggies (peas, carrot, beans)

Grind 1/2 sp jeera, ginger, green chillies, coconut gratings, cinnamon, cloves, cashews. Grind to a fine paste. In a kadai, add oil, 1/2 sp jeera, add onions, mint leaves, salt and saute till the onions get golden in colour. Add the paste and saute well till dry. Grind the tomato and add it to the paste. Continue to saute till dry
Meanwhile cook rice and veggies together in a rice cooker. Remember to add sufficient salt. Add the rice-veggie mixture to the paste in the kadai and mix evenly till done.
Top it off with fried bread pieces. Serve with raita and pappad.


Anonymous said...

my husband tried this biriyani. Came out very well. He also added paneer cubes. was yummy....

kittymatti said...


deepika said...


I tried this recipie a day back and came out really well. Xcellent dish. Thanks! :) Can i substitue garlic instead of jeera? Give some suggestions!
How to make pani puri? Could u please tell me?

kittymatti said...

Hi deepika! So nice to see your feedback.. Mom was telling me about this..

U can use garlic in all the dishes to suit your taste. We don't use it at home, so I have not added it in the recipe. Use garlic along with jeera and all the other ingredients used in grinding.

I will soon post the recipe for Pani puri dear..
However, here is the recipe for u
To make the pani:
Buy Jal Jeera Masala Powder- you can use any North Indian brand. Currently I am using MDH, but I think Everest is best for all North Indian masalas.
Just use in heaped tsp in a glass of water. This is your pani..
To make sweet chutney
Microwave together equal amount of tamarind extract and jaggery together to make a sauce like chutney.
to make the khara chutney
Grind together a little coriander leaves, salt, sugar, 1 piece onion and 3 green chillies, little lime juice. Grind to chutney like paste.
To make the Potato filling
Soak black channa overnight. Pressure cook black channa and potatoes in the ratio 1:2 (more of potatoes). Partly mash them. Keep aside
In each puri, make a hole in the centre, add a little potato masala, sweet chutney, a little khara chutney and lots of pani. Enjoy...! Amma makes these chutneys really well:) Thanks for your comments Deepika!

kittymatti said...

*Just use a heaped tsp in a glass of water. This is your pani..

deepika said...


Thanks for the recipe :)

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