Baingan Bartha / Baingan Bhartha

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Baingan Bharta
Recipe and Photo Courtesy : Aarthi (my sister)

(reposted for Viki's event)

This is from my sister Aarthi...
I hated brinjal in pureed form. My husband loves Baingan bartha, but he did not get a chance to eat it becoz I did not like making it at home. My husband asked my mil to make it when she visited us. After tasting it, i sort of liked it and started taking an interest in making it by taking my mil's recipe and other recipes from other websites. I started making my own version of baingan bartha which suits me best. This is how i make it.

Ingredients:2 big brinjals (american brinjals)
1 cup onions(2 medium sized onions) cut into small pieces.
1 can hunt's tomato sauce 8 oz can. (or maybe 3-4 tomatoes pureed)
2 tablespoon thick curd
1 teaspoon turmeric powder
1 tesspoon chilli powder
1 teaspoon corriander powder
1 teaspoon garam masala
1 teaspoon kasuri methi
salt to taste
Note: My mil adds cooked potato cubes. You could add them if u like the taste of potaoes in ur dish.

Bartha cooking directions:
Wash brinjals and smear some oil around it. Cook with skin on medium flame directly over stove. cook them by turning them around and making sure they are cooked on all sides till soft. Remove skin with hand and mash the brinjals. Take a pan, put oil and allow jeera to splutter. Add the cut onions and saute till transparent. Add tomato puree, salt and all the above spices. Add curd and allow to simmer for some more time till it becomes thick.
Put mashed brinjals and cook for some more time.
Garnish with corriander leaves and serve hot with rotis or rice.

This recipe goes to Viki's Side dish for chapathi event


Shri said...

I love the addition of Kasuri Methi in the curry!I can eat Baingan in any form and this is one of my favs.BTW, I can't see the pic!Is it just me?I can only see a portion!

rekhas kitchen said...

perfect choice for the event and roties too looks yummy

Sweta said...

I'm not a big brinjal fan,but I simply love 'baingan bhartha'. It goes so well with nice,hot phulkas!!

Pavithra said...

Wow thats my fav too .. looks so good ..perfect for roti and rice.

kittymatti said...

thanks guys. Shri Im able to see it..maybe some error..

Priya said...

Thats a lovely side dish, even i dont like brinjal as pureed form..but urs looks tremendous and really i want to put my hands together to try out this dish!

Chitra said...

never tried and u make me hungry:)

Varunavi said...

Loved the addition of kasuri methi,i love brinjals

Preety said...

i love baigan bharta, i also like to add green peas in mine..yours looks so tempting

Renu said...

For some reason my baigan bharta never comes out good...have almost stopped trying....ur picture has motivated me to try it once more....

Ammu Madhu said...

ப்ரீத்தி இந்த லிங்க்கிர்க்கு போய் பாருங்க.:)



Earn Staying Home said...

Good recipe.

Mythri N said...

I hate brinjal too but this recipe (and pic) look good :)
I'll try it with potatoes.

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