Pulli Keerai Kozhambu/ Greens Kozhambu

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Mustard seeds 1 sp
Oil 2 sp
2 cups Chopped greens (Spinach/ mola keerai/ any variety of greens)
Extraxt of 1 small lemon sized ball of tamarind (about 3/4 tsp of concentrated paste is sufficient)
1 red dried chilli
Salt, turmeric 1/4 sp, hing 3 dashes
1 heaped spoon sambhar podi/ kozhambu podi
1/4 cup toor dal

Add mustard seeds , red chillies in 2 tsp oil. Add cooked spinach/molakeerai (pre cook in a microwave oven). Mash the keerai well. Add the extract of tamarind.
Add salt, hing, turmeric, sambhar podi. Let it boil well till it slowly thickens. Add cooked, mashed toor dal. Check for salt.


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